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    Clare-Gladwin RESD offers training sessions throughout the year to local educators, keeping them up-to-date on the latest research and teaching methods. The RESD also helps the local school districts follow complex state and federal education standards. 
  • Clare-Gladwin RESD is pleased to announce that we have partnered with other ISDs in the Great Lakes Bay (GLB) Instructional Consortium, which now includes Bay-Arenac ISD, Clare-Gladwin RESD, Gratiot- Isabella RESD, Midland ESA and Saginaw ISD. Other state leaders call this group Prosperity Region 5. As a consortium, we are building our collaborative capacity so that we are able to best serve the diverse urban, suburban, and rural school districts in our region.
    As part of the Great Lakes Bay Consortium, we will transition from our CG Source to the Great Lakes Bay electronic professional learning catalog for the coming year. The Great Lakes Bay Consortium works collaboratively to provide the best possible professional learning opportunities and resources to the staff and students that we support every day. We will continue to update the Great Lakes Bay publication on a regular basis and supplement the materials contained there with At-a-Glance post cards, reminders, emails, newsletters, and other forms of communication to keep you informed of all that the GLB team has to offer. On behalf of Clare-Gladwin RESD and the entire Great Lakes Bay instructional team of support staff, consultants, and directors, we hope you have a great school year and look forward to working with you!