WillSub -ESS

WillSub - ESS Criminal Record Check Process

For Substitute Teachers and SPARKS Employees

Contact Amielynn Warner at Clare-Gladwin RESD at 989.386.3851 to schedule an appointment to complete the necessary forms for your criminal record check.*

If you are currently a WillSub Sub Teacher and have selected any of the following schools, please contact Amielynn Warner at the Clare-Gladwin RESD to continue the approval process:

Beaverton Schools

Clare Public Schools

Clare-Gladwin RESD

Coleman Community Schools

Farwell Area Schools

Gladwin Community Schools

Harrison Community Schools

Please call: 989.386.3851. The Clare-Gladwin RESD will facilitate the background check information and serve as the hub for our local school districts.

*For Substitute Paraeducators, please work with the local school district that you've selected as a prefered site to have your background check processed.