Training Tools Training is now available:

Here are the instructions to get started with your McKinney-Vento Homeless Liaison course:

  1.  To register, click the link:

  2. Type in your email address and password

  3. Select "I am a liaison" and type "Confirm" on the confirmation box

  4. Select your location (State, County/Region, School District)

  5. Submit you form by clicking "Submit"

 After your successful registration, please wait for the system administrator approval of your liaison account. Once approved, you will receive an email containing additional instructions on how to set your password and log in to your liaison courses.

 Course takes about 4 ½ hours.  You may start and stop; you do not need to do the 4 ½ hours at once.

 If you have any other questions or concerns regarding the course or your course login, please don't hesitate to contact