• Email to CGRESD staff on March 16, 2021:


    The purpose of this communication is to alert all Clare-Gladwin RESD staff members of the availability of a second round of COVID-19 Heroes Grants (Hazard Pay) through the Department of Treasury. The guidelines for this second round of Hazard Pay were outlined in legislation passed in late December 2020. Please note CGRESD had no input regarding the guidelines, and we are required to share this information with all employees.

    This round of funding is only for certain classroom teachers, not support staff or administration. The classroom teachers who are eligible include those who taught GSRP (Great Start Readiness Program), Head Start, Young Adult Special Education, and Adult Education in the 2019-2020 school year. These teachers are eligible for up to $500. If these teachers were paid in the first round of Hazard Pay, they are not eligible in this round.

    I emailed the Department of Treasury directly to find out if our Early Childhood Special Education (ECSE) teachers qualified in this round. In short, they do not. Below in italics is the answer I received.

    The Michigan Department of Treasury fully understands that ECSE put in extra hours to ensure school operations could continue when in-person instruction was suspended in the spring.

    However, state law outlines how the GSRP, Head Start, Adult Education, and Young Adult Special Education Teacher COVID-19 Grant Program is administered. And state law is very specific about who is eligible for a grant. To qualify as an eligible “classroom teacher” for the GSRP, Head Start, Adult Education, and Young Adult Special Education Teacher COVID-19 Grant Program requires that the grant recipient be a GSRP, Head Start, adult education, or young adult special education classroom teacher who taught in a school district or nonprofit nonpublic school during the 2019-2020 school year and meets the classroom teacher statutory requirements to receive grant funding. Unfortunately, this does not include Early Childhood Special Education teachers.

    We apologize for these circumstances and understand any frustration that this may cause. More detailed information is also detailed in the FAQ available on the TSSC19 Grants webpage at: TREASURY - COVID-19 Grants for GSRP, Head Start, Adult Education, and Young Adult Special Education (michigan.gov)

    Teacher COVID-19 Grant of up to $500 - In general, who qualifies?

    Teachers who worked "regularly and continuously" prior to April 2, 2020 and through the rest of the 2019-2020 school year and fall into one of the four categories below...

    GSRP Teachers
    Head Start Teachers
    Adult Education Teachers
    Young Adult Special Education Teachers of Students Ages 18-26

    We do not believe anyone in our organization qualifies for this second round of Hazard Pay. If you would like to appeal your qualification status, please email me directly no later than Tuesday, April 6 at spresler@cgresd.net . I will reference the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs link above), the information learned at a webinar we attended last week, and the email I received from the Department of Treasury to support my decision about who qualifies and who doesn't.

    If anything changes between now and the deadline to submit a certification form, which is Friday, April 9, I will let you know.

    Enjoy your day!


    Sheryl Presler, Superintendent
    Clare-Gladwin RESD
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