• URL Link Check
  • If you encounter something like the following image:
    In the image please reference what is in the Report field and why it is being blocked.

    Clare-Gladwin RESD and each district that it serves have purchased Sophos UTM in order to provide website content filtering as required in the Children's Internet Protect Act (or CIPA).  In order to receive funding for our high-speed Internet connection, this filtering must be in place at all times.

    The Sophos UTM utilizes the McAfee Smartfilter XL Database to decide whether to allow or deny access to websites, depending on the category that the website is classified as.  Those categories which are blocked are decided by your local district Administration staff.

    You can click here to see how a website is categorized.  Once on that page, select McAfee SmartFilter XL and type your website in the box to check it.

    Additionally, if you feel that the website is miscategorized, please feel free to suggest a new category.