Infant-Toddler Special Ed 
Early Childhood Special Education 
The Infant-Toddler Special Education program is designed to support families with children birth to three years with developmental delays or disabilities.
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The goals of the Infant Toddler Special Education program are:

  • To enhance the growth and development of children with special needs
  • To help families better understand and work with their special needs children
  • To provide socialization opportunities with typically developing peers
  • To coordinate services for special needs children and their families involved with Early On
The Infant Toddler Special Education program’s goals are accomplished by:
  • Weekly home visits to work with the child on specific developmental skills
  • Interaction with the family to provide information and ideas on developmentally appropriate activities
  • Weekly playgroups that emphasize socialization with other children as well as activities that promote growth in developmental skills
  • Ongoing documentation of progress with a progress report every 6 months
  • Referrals to the appropriate staff if necessary