Middle College 
Clare-Gladwin Career Center 

The Clare-Gladwin Middle College offers approximately 25 local students the opportunity to earn college credits from Mid Michigan Community College while still in high school. The juniors and seniors spend half of their school day at their high school and the other half attending classes at Mid. The Middle College also offers job-shadowing opportunities and implements one-on-one guidance with a Middle College Mentor to help students succeed with their first experience in college courses.



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About the Middle College: 
Housed on the Harrison campus of Mid Michigan Community College, the Middle College guides and encourages juniors and seniors from four local high schools, including Beaverton, Clare, Gladwin, and Harrison, through their first experience with college classes. 
Students are able to earn transferable college credits and take part in job-shadowing opportunities while completing a high school diploma. The college courses the students take will include prerequisites needed to complete a certificate or an associates degree program at Mid Michigan Community College, or to transfer to a 4-year college.    
Unlike traditional dual enrollment, students in the Middle College will be mentored throughout their Middle College experience. They will attend seminars and receive individualized guidance, which will prepare them to be successful in college. Individualized tutoring will also be provided as needed.    
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